Do I Need a Stager in A Seller’s Market?

With low home inventory and high buyer demand, my clients often ask me whether they need to stage their home.  My answer is a resounding yes!  Every home needs some sort of staging before putting that FOR SALE sign on the front yard. Whether it be a simple consultation to know what to edit; adding some landscaping and mulch for curb appeal; or filling an entire vacant home with furniture. Staging your property will always net return on investment.  I’ve seen it time and time again, not just here in Austin, but in my home state of California.  In fact, I began my real estate career as a stager there.  


With so many similarities between today’s Austin market and California’s past real estate boom, I draw from experience when I say staging is a must—no matter where you’re selling.  But don’t just take my word for it. Michelle Getty, Accredited Staging Professional® and owner of Bella Casa Home Staging, has seen the benefits of staging, firsthand.  


“Whether you’re in a buyers’ or sellers’ market, the simple fact is that you are selling a product.  The need to compete is still the same,” says Getty.  “Even with very little existing inventory and new home starts off the charts, you’ll contend with other resale homes and new construction.  Putting your best foot forward and creating an emotional connection to your home for buyers is essential.  I once had a Realtor® tell me that selling a home is a cross between a price war and a beauty contest.  That’s a great way of summing it up!”


If you still need convincing, let’s break it down even further. Here are the top 10 benefits of home staging:


1. Faster Sales Time – Staged homes sell 2-3 times faster than the unstaged competition.

2. Higher Sales Price – Homes shown with staging sell 5-20% more than the unstaged properties and in the current market result in MANY over asking offer.

3. Great Listing Tool – Staging services can be a market differentiator for a Realtor®.  Your Realtor® should be doing everything to market your home to the largest audience possible.

4. Internet Images Look Better– More than 90% of Buyers check online FIRST before visiting a house in person.

5. Staged houses have been neutralized to allow ALL Buyers to imagine living there. 

6. Staged homes are more appealing and are recognized as the best properties to show and tour. 

7. Buyers view staged homes as well-cared-for properties and are MUCH more likely to connect emotionally to a property!

8. Building inspectors view staged homes as well-cared-for properties. 

9. Appraisers are more likely to appraise staged homes at full value. 

10. Buyers and sellers will see your agent as a quality agent who understands the market and wants to present a quality product. 


Need specific reasons to stage your unique home? Schedule a consultation with Michelle.   It just may be the best money you’ve ever spent! 


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