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Laudrey Rose Curated Gifts

This time of the year, it seems I’m always looking for the perfect gift:  For the graduate, the bride, the father, the client…the list goes on!  I guess I could always give a gift card, but I really try to find presents that are as unique as the individual. 

Solar Energy Feasibility

With as many as 229 days of glorious sunshine in the Austin, area, many Texans are putting those powerful and abundant rays to work for them by harnessing the energy to power their homes. If you’ve ever considered transitioning to solar energy or have been curious about the benefits, you’re not alone.

Let the Travel Season Begin

With covid restrictions easing and the world opening back up, spring and summer travel seems to be on everyone’s mind these days!  I know I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite trips: our 2019 family vacation to Paris and Normandy.  We specifically scheduled it around the Women’s World Cup, and I quickly realized that this trip could easily turn into a logistical nightmare as we tried to attend matches and tour the sites.

The Lisa Little Team Welcomes Chloe

I often get asked, why I prefer a “team” approach to real estate.  The answer is easy.  It’s simply a win-win!  A team benefits clients who gain two or more dedicated professionals working on their behalf, and it helps me provide an elevated level of customer service for buyers and sellers.  And, in today’s competitive climate, it’s becoming essential to have a team of experts, at the ready, to act on your behalf.

Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree Height

Need help choosing a Christmas tree? Learn more here!

Selling During the Holidays

Let’s face it.  The holiday season from November through January is not the optimal time to put your house on the market.  But, it can be done successfully.  Especially in today’s real estate climate.

Coit Cleaning and Restoration of Austin – Superheroes on Demand

In my opinion, there are a few home service professionals whose work attire should include capes.  Carpet cleaners top my list.   Here’s why:  In my house, there’s a constant stream of muddy cleat wearing teenagers, a Golden Doodle that dons the sizing and destruction path of a small wild bear and a beloved husband with an appreciation for all drinks in vibrant color.  A great carpet cleaning company isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.   

5 Steps toward a Stress-Free Fall

It’s as if I go from backpack shopping to Christmas list fulfillment in the blink of an eye!  But this year, I am determined to get ahead of the curve so I can enjoy each season without frantically just trying to survive them!

Ready, Set, SOLD!  If you’re one of the thousands of homeowners who’s listed their house and watched it sell before you could even put the sign up—you understand the breakneck speed at which families are moving into this area. 

With low home inventory and high buyer demand, my clients often ask me whether they need to stage their home.  My answer is a resounding yes!  Every home needs some sort of staging before putting that FOR SALE sign on the front yard.

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