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Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree Height

Need help choosing a Christmas tree? Learn more here!

Selling During the Holidays

Let’s face it.  The holiday season from November through January is not the optimal time to put your house on the market.  But, it can be done successfully.  Especially in today’s real estate climate.

Coit Cleaning and Restoration of Austin – Superheroes on Demand

In my opinion, there are a few home service professionals whose work attire should include capes.  Carpet cleaners top my list.   Here’s why:  In my house, there’s a constant stream of muddy cleat wearing teenagers, a Golden Doodle that dons the sizing and destruction path of a small wild bear and a beloved husband with an appreciation for all drinks in vibrant color.  A great carpet cleaning company isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.   

5 Steps toward a Stress-Free Fall

It’s as if I go from backpack shopping to Christmas list fulfillment in the blink of an eye!  But this year, I am determined to get ahead of the curve so I can enjoy each season without frantically just trying to survive them!

Ready, Set, SOLD!  If you’re one of the thousands of homeowners who’s listed their house and watched it sell before you could even put the sign up—you understand the breakneck speed at which families are moving into this area. 

With low home inventory and high buyer demand, my clients often ask me whether they need to stage their home.  My answer is a resounding yes!  Every home needs some sort of staging before putting that FOR SALE sign on the front yard.

When buying a new home, what design feature tops your list? Whenever I canvas clients, hardwood floors are always a favorite.

I just read this post from a trusted Lender here in Austin and I can't agree more.  The economic forecast for 2021 and the Real Estate market is extremely positive.

Buyers Look to Local Investment Properties during Economic Downturn

With the obvious challenges in the economy and a very volatile stock market, many investors are looking to diversify portfolios, and some say real estate may be the answer.

As we adapt to our “new normal” during the Coronavirus pandemic, virtual open houses are more popular than ever before.  The tours have provided a unique way for buyers to pre-screen properties more quickly, and for sellers, it’s a safe way to showcase their home during a shelter in place order.  So, without further ado, we introduce our first online open house!  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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